Poznań Reasoning Week 2018

11-15 September 2018, Poznań, Poland

Thank you to all PRW2018 participants!

Poznań Reasoning Week 2018 consists of three conferences, aimed at bringing together experts whose research offers a broad range of perspectives on systematic analyses of reasoning processes and their formal modelling. PRW 2018 is co-organised by the Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University and Institute of PhilosophyUniversity of Zielona Góra.

In 2018 we address:

Key-notes (confirmed)

  • [canceled] Nina Gierasimczuk (Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Danish Technical University): Computational underpinnings of cooperative behaviour. From agent-based simulations to cognitive insights [abstract]
  • Camillo Fiorentini (University of Milano): Applying the inverse method to refutation calculi [abstract]
  • Valentin Goranko (Stockholm University): Proofs and refutations getting married [abstract]
  • Gabriele Pulcini (New University of Lisbon): From complementary logic to proof-theoretic semantics [abstract]
  • Hans Tompits (Vienna University of Technology): From Łukasiewicz to Gentzen: On sequent-type refutation calculi for three-valued logics [abstract]
  • Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-University Bochum): Refutation as falsification [abstract]
  • Keith Stenning (University of Edinburgh): A logical characterisation of a human language phenotype finds a central role throughout cognition [abstract]
  • Gerhard Minnameier (Goethe University Frankfurt):The logic of abduction, deduction, and induction, and a taxonomy of inferential reasoning [abstract]