Consisting of two workshops, Poznań Reasoning Week 2017 (PRW2017) brings together experts from various disciplines whose research offers both systematic and historical contributions to the study of individual- as well as group-reasoning processes. This particularly includes, but is not restricted to, modelling these processes formally.

Recent years have witnessed a cognitive turn in logic, resulting in the inclusion of research areas in, among others, cognitive science, psychology, and computer science into logic’s hard core. As a consequence, logic has become more capable of modelling actual cognitive activities of real rather than idealized agents.

Far from creating rivalry with mathematical logic, this marks a next step in the development of logic. But it also reminds us that logic had for many centuries entertained a close and rather natural relation to the study of human reasoning and, insofar as externalized reasoning is concerned, also to rhetoric and dialectic.

In 2017 we would like to address:

  1. Question processing (QuestPro 2017).
  2. Fallacies: Strategy, Error, Shortcut (SES 2017).