Poznań Reasoning Week 2017

4-7 July 2017, Poznań

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Consisting of two workshops, Poznań Reasoning Week 2017 (PRW2017) brought together experts from various disciplines whose research offers both systematic and historical contributions to the study of individual – as well as group-reasoning processes. This particularly includes, but is not restricted to, modelling these processes formally.

Recent years have witnessed a cognitive turn in logic, resulting in the inclusion of research areas in, among others, cognitive science, psychology, and computer science into logic’s hard core. As a consequence, logic has become more capable of modelling actual cognitive activities of real rather than idealized agents.

Far from creating rivalry with mathematical logic, this marks a next step in the development of logic. But it also reminds us that logic had for many centuries entertained a close and rather natural relation to the study of human reasoning and, insofar as externalized reasoning is concerned, also to rhetoric and dialectic.

In 2017 we addressed:

  1. Question processing (QuestPro 2017).
  2. Fallacies: Strategy, Error, Shortcut (SES 2017).


QuestPro 2017

SES 2017

  • Iris van Rooij (Radboud University and Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Nijmegen, The Netherlands): The tractability fallacy of bounded or ecological rationality [abstract]
  • Patricia Rich (Philosophy, Hamburg University, Germany): Better Lessons from Ecological Rationality [abstract]

PRW 2017 was supported by funds of the National Science Centre, Poland DEC-2012/04/A/HS1/00715SASPRO program, Bratislava, Slovakia andHultengrens fund, Lund University, Sweden.

PRW2017 was endorsed by the Polish Society for Cognitive Science.

Poznań Reasoning Week is hosted by the Department of Logic and Cognitive ScienceInstitute of PsychologyAdam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland.