Venue 2016

Poznań Reasoning Week
L&C 2016 | 14th ArgDiap | QuestPro 2016
5-10 September 2016, Poznań


“Crowded with churches, cobblestones and colourful burgher houses, Poznań’s Old Town is a collage of architectural styles stuffed with soaring historical monuments, esoteric museums, art galleries and theatres, and more than its fair share of restaurants, bars and cafes. A major cultural and economic centre, Poznań has earned an international reputation as a city of trade fairs, its success stemming partly from its convenient location as a mid-way point on the road from Paris to Moscow. Over 130,000 people, some 20 per cent of the population, study here at some institute or another, lending a defiantly young and vibrant atmosphere to the streets.” (Source)

Szamarzewskiego 89; Building E (Room B)

Lunch & morning coffee
Cafe The End
Szamarzewskiego 89; Building D

PRW kickstart reception (5.09) & PRW summing up reception (9.09)
Stary Rynek 73, 74

PRW conference dinner (7.09)
Plac Wolności 5